Georgia Auto Accident Reports

If you are in an accident and need to report the incident, it is helpful for you to contact law enforcement. This way, they can come out and investigate the occurrence so that if injuries were not apparent immediately after a collision occurs, they will be able to take care of any medical treatment needed later on. If there is significant damage done as well as injury involved in this situation but no one wants to notify law enforcement due so concern about how severe their liability may become if such notification takes place-this decision could make them regretful down the line. Our Georgia car crash attorneys  advise contacting authorities regardless of whether or not property damage was present during your collision because without reporting such incidents with authorities who might otherwise have lost track of some details surrounding these types cases (such as what caused a vehicle malfunction that led up into this particular instance) an investigation would be difficult subsequently.

Georgia Car Wreck Reports

If you contact law enforcement and provide the details about a collision, officers will talk to those who were involved in the accident as well as witnesses during their investigation. The report from Georgia Auto Accident Reports is not admitted into evidence at court, but it does highlight key evidence that may be used to develop a theory of liability. It is important for insurance companies or other potentially liable third parties to examine this official law enforcement record so they can determine how best proceed. If our clients have not yet done so, we obtain this report on behalf of them during our investigations- if you would like us to do so for your case please tell us when we call (Note: We obtain whatever police reports are needed during an investigation).

In cases of car accidents, it is important to make sure that your testimony/story reflects what actually happened. The other driver may seem intoxicated based on physical appearance, slurred speech and the like – which are all signs they were impaired before the collision occurred. Any evidence of impairment should be taken into account by law enforcement so that a DUI investigation can take place! Establishing if there was an accident caused primarily due to unsafe driving from the other motorist requires establishing probable cause in order for you to adequately defend yourself against their accusations. These charges would include hazardous driving and traffic violations committed by drivers who were involved in collisions with you as well as chemical testing done on blood alcohol content level or field sobriety tests done (if any).


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